A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty

Najla is a mother of three children. She studied until the high school grade only; she could not complete her study, so she joined an educational center for special programs. She was diligent and well-known in many kindergartens and schools have heard about her and gave her offers to work with them. After that, she accepted one offer from one of them. She became a distinguished teacher at the kindergarten. Also the number of students is increasing after her teaching in this kindergarten. The number of students became eightieth. Students joined to kindergarten in order to be their teacher “Najla Abu Oweida”.

Year after year, as she taught 2-3 years there, the demand had become higher at that kindergarten; Najla became a manager of the kindergarten, she thought with herself: “Why kept working as an employee and not to have my own kindergarten?”

She has the ambitious to have her own kindergarten business. After that, she established a new kindergarten and rent a building.

Najla said: “When I heard about FINCA Jordan, immediately I went to take a loan. I never disappoint my hopes with FINCA Jordan; the loan that I took helped me so much. I remembered the service in FINCA Jordan was quick and the staff was all very friendly. FINCA Jordan gave me a loan that I needed; I implemented my business successfully (Thanks God).”
Najla had huge numbers of students, where people heard about her success in Jerash especially in “Refugee Camp”. After that, she needed to improve her business. So, she decided to open a primary school: from first grade to third grade in the camp- “Refugee Camp” she went again to FINCA Jordan to achieve her hopes and actually FINCA Jordan helped her again. She took a loan of 3,000 JOD (US $ 4,223) to improve her business. Now the school classes are from the first grade to tenth grade (Twenty-four classes), with fully equipment computers, vocational education and technical laboratories. Now Najla has 28 employees and all things are going so good.

Najla said: “Thanks to God, I graduated from the university then, I got a master’s degree and I work now to get a Doctorate degree. I am very happy with this achievement that I accomplished especially in the educational field.”

Also Najla said: “I want to thank FINCA Jordan because it provided assistance to me and met all my needs.”