FINCA Jordan is part of the FINCA Impact Finance Network, a group of 20 microfinance and financial institutions that provides socially responsible financial services and enables low-income entrepreneurs and small business owners to invest in the future.

FINCA Jordan began its work in late 2007,with the opening of the main office in Amman, and the continued expansion of disbursing loans from 9 branches in various regions of Jordan- Amman, Al-Zarqa’, Jerash, Dair-Alla, Sahab, North Shonah Irbid and Madaba with five sub branches at Bani Kenanah , Al Salt , Al Russaifeh , Marka and recently Al Kourah Office.

FINCA Jordan continues its expansion with the aim of serving customers in various sectors and locations better by funding loans to increase the productivity of individuals and micro-and small enterprises in Jordan.

On December 20, 2017, FINCA Jordan received a microfinance license from the Central Bank of Jordan. It becomes the first microfinance institution to be fully licensed and regulated by the Central Bank. FINCA Jordan begins using the name FINCA Microfinance Jordan while providing responsible loans and financial services to customers throughout the country.

FINCA Jordan is part of Tanmeyah – Jordan Microfinance Network that was established and formally registered as a non-profit institution at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2007 and was incepted to become the representative of the microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Jordan, replacing the Microfinance Association of Jordan (MAJ). The Network’s main objective is to develop a sustainable microfinance industry that will become an integral part of the national financial system in Jordan. Tanmeyah works at supporting the development of the microfinance sector in Jordan, by spreading advocacy and awareness on behalf of its MFIs members, as well as disseminating the up-to-date practices and developments of the microfinance sector. Fundamentally, the Network will focus its efforts to support the implementation of the appropriate regulation environment, which will lead to a healthy benchmarking criteria and set the performance standards that will be reflected positively on the sector as a whole.

On February 2020 ,FINCA Microfinance Company PLC (FINCA Jordan), FINCA Impact Finance’s subsidiary in Jordan, it received Smart Certification in recognition of its long-standing commitment to client protection. This designation came after a rigorous independent review process found it has continued to uphold industry-leading client protection standards in providing responsible finance.