The ambition remains to build a future for his family and draw a smile on the face of his children, no matter what the advancing age

Aziz is a 62-year-old, married man from Deir Alla; he is living with his family in a small old house and he is a father of three kids. Aziz decided to open a stall for selling fruits and vegetables in Deir Alla to provide him with a good income since the economic situation in the area is bad .

In 2012, Aziz needed a loan and he took a friend’s advice and came to FINCA Jordan for a loan. He enjoyed the warmth and respectful welcoming he received from FINCA Jordan staff.

FINCA loan helps him to buy a new inventory like oranges to sell at his stall. Aziz is also hoping that this new inventory will enable him to increase his sales, customers, and eventually save enough income to cover expenses for his family.
Aziz has wide experience in this domain. He is looking to sustain and expand his work in order to support his family financially and assure them of a better living situation. Also, he managed to enroll his daughter to university. Aziz’s stall is well known in the area due to his competitive prices and his good reputation as a salesman.

“FINCA Jordan loans have allowed me to be able to increase my business“– Said Aziz