FINCA Microfinance has signed a cooperation agreement with UWallet, the mobile payment financial solutions company, in a move aimed at providing innovative digital channels and solutions to customers. Under the agreement, FINCA will transfer its customers who wish to obtain loans directly to the customers’ wallets, and these loans will be repaid through the wallets of UWallet as well. Since its official launch in the local market, UWallet harnesses all its technical and technical capabilities to provide innovative digital solutions and services that contribute to the transition to a cashless economy, so that customers pay for purchases, invoices and transfer money through the UWallet application immediately using the mobile phone with ease and security, which It reduces the need for users to deal with paper and coins, the risks of losing it and the risks of human errors, and the application achieves a great benefit for the segments of citizens who are not covered by banking services. Alaa Nshiwat, CEO of UWallet Mobile Payment Financial Solutions, touched on the importance of innovative solutions offered by UWallet to its customers, noting that signing an agreement with FINCA Microfinance Company will help digitize the process of granting loans directly through the electronic wallet and eliminating the use of checks, in addition to Full monitoring of their process of obtaining loans and transferring them to their wallets, allowing them to carry out their financial operations in a digital, systematic and seamless manner. For his part, General Manager of FINCA Jordan, Abdul Qadeer Satrov, said that the process of obtaining loans for FINCA clients through the application and benefiting from the network of agents of UWallet will facilitate and save time for clients. He also praised the efforts made by the mobile payment financial solutions company, UWallet, to serve its customers by providing innovative digital financial services, especially during the Corona pandemic, in an easy, safe and fast way. Satrov stressed that the cooperation agreement signed with UWallet will support the two companies’ directions and plans to achieve financial inclusion in the Kingdom by enabling those who are unable to access traditional sources of financing to obtain loans and transfer them to their electronic wallets.