FINCA Microfinance has launched its new business based on three main pillars: centralized operations, the digitization of key operations, customer communication channels and branch restructuring.

By making these changes, FINCA Microfinance aims to become the leading organization in the transition from a traditional business model  to an organization that operates in a dynamic, innovative and digital manner, increasing the speed of operations especially in disbursing loans.

“Our new business model will focus on the call center, which will be the core and hub of the organization’s operations. Thus way, we are able to make accessing financial services easier, faster and in ways that are more convenient to our customers, placing access in the hands of or around the corner from our those most in need of our services”clients,” said Abduqodir Sattorov, Executive Director of FINCA Microfinance.

With this centralization and digitalization we can make sure that the convenient, instant and high level service is being given to all clients. The advantages for clients are:

  • Convenience: Clients will save time and less travels to our branches as they now only need to go one time to collect their money and sign the contract
  • Quality of service: All calls will be recorded so we can monitor both sales and collection quality of the services provided and to ensure that that clients gets the best customer experience.
  • And we are also discussing new products and new solutions that will make the clients more satisfied, we will announce this later.

“This model comes within the framework of the world’s shift towards centralizing and digitized processes, especially during the covid-19 epidemic and FINCA’s efforts to provide the best financial solutions to protect and serve its customers, moreover, this model is in line with the instructions of the Central Bank of Jordan and consumer protection.

” The model will be implemented in July 2020 and by the second quarter of 2021 will be fully adopted.

And from her part, the Vice President and Regional Director of Middle East and South Asia Ms. Zar Wardak added “FINCA Impact Finance’s touch-tech business model combines fintech innovation with a human-centered approach; that also leverages digital technology to serve customers while maintaining relationships built through personal interaction.”

FINCA Jordan is a subsidiary of FINCA Impact Finance and was established in 2007. FINCA Jordan currently serves nearly 34,000 customers throughout the country, providing a variety of financial products and services for entrepreneurs, including special group loans for women for home-based businesses.

As of today, 92% of the active customers of FINCA Jordan are women and we are proud of such an achievement. Global researches are clearly showing that women are mostly underserved by financial sector.

FINCA Microfinance was the first MFI regulated by Central Bank of Jordan and the second MFI to receive a global customer protection certificate (Smart Certificate) in recognition of our long-term commitment to customer protection. This classification came after all our policies and customer protection standards were reviewed and their suitability to leading global standards in the provision of financial services.

FINCA Impact Finance works in 20 countries to create a global social responsibility by spreading FINCA’s core mission of reducing poverty by finding durable solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and improve their standard of living.


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