Once You Choose Hope, Anything Is Possible

“Blindness took away my sight but gave me clarity of vision”
Wael is a blind man, married with a nine years old son and a daughter who died of cancer at the age of eight. He is an ambitious and a patient man, always insisting on taking on challenges no matter of the circumstances.

He decided to buy an outlet and that’s when he started to gradually loosing his sight, eventually going blind. Losing his vision did not affect his project,in fact,he continued working on the stores interior designs.

At the same time that he lost his vision, he was hired by the ministry of education as a computer teacher. Despite being blind, he successfully managed his time between his project and his job as a teacher.

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible”

He decided to take a loan from FINCA Jordan for the amount of $7,030 to expand his business and buy all the necessary merchandise. FINCA Jordan supported Wael and nominated him to participate in success stories of entrepreneurs contests.

“I recognize FINCA Jordan for everything presented to me. I am aiming to expand my business and open more outlets in different areas with FINCA Jordan support”