The Skye is Your Limit

Suha Abu Jbara is one of FINCA Jordan clients from Irbid branch. She began studying for the project through her research in the Masters in 2010, a small-sized educational center ,and then in 2014 FINCA Jordan has funded Suha with small businesses loan to increase the creativity of the embodiment of the educational status to become larger and to expand the community service.

“FINCA Jordan supported me with good financial banking solutions”

Her educational center (Small Genius), which is a center for the education of children working on his name mental arithmetic to children from the age of the program (5 to 13 years) where the program addresses the figures as well All the calculations of mind in a way that several skills and uses that to counting without mentally.

The Small Genius program also working to increase the focus of the child and the digital photographic memory and the child becomes more imagination and creativity.

Suha won Citibank and the Jordan River Foundation of 2014 micro entrepreneurs award with her success story as FINCA Jordan client in the services sector.