“From a dream to a reality, so the success is not determined by age”

Safia Abu Zir, 46 years old, she did not know she would become a leading woman in her own business and a point for many visitors to Madaba.

She always was think of ideas to help her family, especially since she is characterized by her speed and intuitive sense. There was nothing prevented her from helping her family, but she stayed until she saw her husband one day by bringing a gift to her, the gift was a bottle containing sand painted in a beautiful way. And then he told her that he was the one who drew it, She was very impressed for that. Whereas, she did not know that during her husband’s work in Wadi Rum, he learned a profession drawing sand in a bottle. Knowing that this is region distinguished as a tourist area.

Safia suggested on her husband to teach her the profession drawing sand in a bottle, and her husband happily agreed to that and he gave to her a great support to complete her success.

Indeed, after Safia learned from her husband the profession of how to draw sand in a bottle in a different sizes and shapes, so she started this profession directly at home. She did some of samples sand in the bottle then it display to her relatives and friends. Over time through frequently practice of drawing on Sand, she has become a good ability to paint in different shapes and colors with good prices.

Safia’s optimism did not stop but she continued to plan to build her own project for the better. She was able through her will to open a small shop suitable for its work in the province of Madaba.

On one of the days of 2017, Safia got a brochure from FINCA employee and would not hesitate to go to FINCA especially that her project was needed of support and funding, and FINCA and her staff had already helped her by agreeing to give her $102.

Safia has her own shop called “Nidal Factory for Sand Packing”. Safia will not stop by fill the sand in the glass, so she preferred to earn her work site because it is located in a tourist area where she added to the work of cloth dolls Bedouin heritage to attract tourists and then sell for them. Safia continued her full happiness and smile to insist and communicate her talent to people through her interaction with the community by participating in several exhibitions and bazaars to show and sell her works.

Safia thanked FINCA and her staff for their best treatment and positive support.

At the end, “The Success has become the foundation of my life, and I will not stop,” Safia said. She added that she is very proud of herself because she was the first woman to start her own project in her region and she will not stop here but will work to develop her shop for the better.