“The opportunities don’t happen, you create them “…

Ruqaya is a beekeeper and she sells the natural honey product in the local markets in Madaba where she owns a set of beehives in her house garden with assist of her neighbor and partner “Iman”.

In the winter season Ruqaya transfers her business to the Jordan Valley because it needs a high temperature and in order to maintain the production of bees in summer and winter seasons.In addition to make honey Ruqaya works in Ghee & Jameed industry and sell them under the name “Abu Zureaq product”.

Ruqaya started in her business before three years with her neighbor “Iman” they are tried to help their families in the income so they started in breeding a single cell of bees then the number of bees became growing where they were extracted from every bees box 5 Kilo from the honey . So when they saw that the business has become a growing ,they decided to take a loan from FINCA Jordan to improve and expand their business “to purchase more bee hives“, and now they have around 10 bee hives.

Ruqaya is very happy in dealing with FINCA Jordan also she considers it a primary partner in her business success.

Ruqaya now is a client’s to FINCA Jordan for third cycle and she aspires to renew her loan and develop her business.