“The Life is either a courageous adventure or nothing.”


Ra’ed Al Karadsheh is 50 years old and married, holds a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, one of his hobby is design and decoration, He lives at Madaba, and he is a father for three children. Ra’ed started his practical life in the field of hotel but after a short period of time, Ra’ed decided to invest his talent and exploit it in any way to get a good source of income.

Despite that Ra’ed has a bachelor degree but he did not depend on his scientific degrees, especially that the hotel Management field was not active in the past. So he worked as a wedding service planner for 23 years in addition to his work in wedding dresses design according to his talent in the designing.

Ra’ed is seeking always to improve his standard of living, even he loves the spirit of adventure everything, and despite the many fields that worked it, but before four years he had a flower shop in the same area until Ra’ed hosted one of his relatives from USA and when he went to the shops to buy supplies for the furnishing of the room, he found difficulties where he was travel to Amman city to purchase these supplies. Hence came the idea of “Yara Home”.

Ra’ed ambition does not stop and he loves to try new ideas so he thought to open a business specialized in linen, bedspreads, household accessories and oriental antiques, to be unique and distinctive from others, especially since the area where he lives does not have that service.

Ra’ed had saved amount that enabled him to open his shop but he was need to another finance to purchase the goods and supplies for the business. He heard about FINCA through Madaba branch manager, and he told him about FINCA Jordan products and services also how FINCA supports the SME owners. Indeed Ra’ed did not hesitate to go FINCA Madaba office and apply for a loan to borrow amount where the first loan was $ 9,873 through this amount Ra’ed enables to travel to China then prepare the shop with all equipments, home accessories.

In the beginning, Ra’ed faced difficulties in purchasing the supplies of his business. Where he was need to travel to China for purchase all the distinctive products. But now, with the technology and the Internet, everything became readily available.

Ra’ed loves to provide everything new in his business so he went again to FINCA to borrow amount 14,094 $ for purchase more products and goods also to  maintain the standard of living in addition to easy of procedures and cooperation received by FINCA staff . From this amount Ra’ed enables to recruit two female employees in the shop, which he helped create jobs for youth.

In the future, Ra’ed thinks to work more online, selling his products via internet and social media websites plus providing delivery service to these products to become available at any time and place for all.

Yara Home is the only shop specializing in home accessories and its location within a tourist area. It provides service to both citizens and foreign tourists.

Ra’ed thanks FINCA team for helping and supporting him to develop his business. FINCA was a partner and part of the success of his business and he advises others they have a business and need to support go to FINCA.