Between success and Failure…There is always a Will

Nisreen did not give up to the bad conditions witnessed by the family. And by her own effort, she founded a small shop which becomes a source of livelihood for her and her family.

Nisreen, a 37 year a mother of four, and one of the women-Zone Deir Alla ambitions who resist the difficult conditions afflicting the areas of poverty pockets. She got married at a young age and became a mother sharing the hard life, especially since her husband is not holding the Jordanian nationality.

I dreamed to have my own business

“I dreamed to establish my own business and to help my husband instead of temporary work, the lack of jobs suits him because he does not hold a Jordanian national, he cannot work except in a few places.””In 2003 I opened a small shop (grocery store) and saved an amount worth (1,400 dinars) to sell all of the people daily requirements of food supplies and refreshments. – Said Nisreen

“I succeeded in my business by the grace of God, and improved physical and living my situation and became the primary source of my income, but after a while began to aspire to develop.

FINCA Jordan is the base to develop my business

Nisreen started to think in a way to develop her business, but she was unable to implement the idea due to lack of liquidity, one day she heard a Deir Alla woman success story with the support of FINCA Jordan

Which supported the idea and ambition to develop the woman’s business, provide activities and new services not available in the area.

At that time, Nisreen decided and rushed to go to FINCA Jordan Deir Alla branch to take a loan, and she got 423 $ to develop her business and sell all the required requirements and introduce new products.

FINCA Jordan helped her business to generate larger profits. She has subsequently taken out new loans, and she is now managing her fifth FINCA Jordan loan.
Nisreen desires to take more loans from FINCA Jordan so she can buy a warehouse to store her goods.