” The Human makes himself alone ” .

Maha AlSuwan she is 48 years old, married and a mother for 5 children’s.

As a result of tough living conditions, Maha started looking for a suitable job but she didn’t find any, so the only solution she had is to open her own project which will help her to support her standards of living. Maha didn’t have the money to start, her friend was trying to help her so she told maha about FINCA Microfinance, without any hesitation she went to FINCA microfinance at Sahab, And indeed she took her first loan in 2009 with amount 563$ then she built a small room and opened her own grocery store in front of her house, she bought a few goods to start with it. Maha noticed that the people of the region liked the idea of making this grocery store in their region the reason why the service provides them faster and a short distances.

In 2011, Maha went back again to FINCA Microfinance to get another loan which was 1690$ to buy a new goods and supplying products, the rest of the loan she used it to pay obligations.

With the development of the project and the increase in procurement, Maha decided to expand her grocery store so Maha went to FINCA Microfinance again to have her third loan which was 2253$.

Between year and year Maha continued on improving her small business, Maha said that their standard of living started to improve, also she said “here I started and here I will continue” and without any hesitation she went to FINCA Microfinance in 2014 to get another loan of 3521$ she have worked on renovation the grocery store.

In 2016 Maha opened a kindergarten in her house and for the fifth time FINCA Microfinance was its permanent partner so she got 1408$ to work on the kindergarten and make her house suitable for it and to make sure all children’s supplies are available.

Maha expressed her happiness in dealing with FINCA were she said “FINCA Microfinance is not only to support projects but also supports the needs of the family “. In 2017 she got a loan with 816.2$ which helped her to continue in improving her small business and also helped her with the expenses of her children’s universities.

At the end Maha said” now I’m having a loan from FINCA Microfinance and this loan is my seventh and it won’t be the last one, I started my small projects with FINCA Microfinance and I will grow with it”.