“The road to success is always under construction.”

Fadwa Alhamarneh is 52 years old , married and mother for three children’s, Fadwa holds a Diploma in Accounting, She worked for the Women’s Union as a member for eight years, Fadwa is a practical woman in her life who loves to be unique and who known in taking a lot of responsibilities and persevere for her children.

Fadwa was always thinking of doing her own business in order to provide a good standard of living for her children and for herself and based on her personality she likes to rely on herself and to be unique in her work, fadwa’s imagination started to revolve around to start what was on her mind always which was a small kindergarten service serving the community and this will be a good starting point in her career. In 2013, Fadwa took a small step and rented a small office in a strategic location within a residential area serving the residents of the region and working mothers, where it has exploited the available facilities of equipment and objects and provide her with all the needs of the kindergarten were the capital was not that amount.

And indeed after perseverance and serious and hard work, fadwa opened her kindergarten and arranged the basics of the kindergarten work through the establishment of official working hours for kindergarten within different age groups to serve the largest possible segment of the population of the region where the kindergarten included the age group of 2 month’s to 4 years, She began her work with ease and comfort Being a mother and housewife. She started caring and caring for children, She began her work with ease and comfort as a mother and housewife. She started taking care and caring for children, like making food, milk and everything that the children’s needs according to their different ages where she treated them as if they were her own children, in order of the way she treat them they started to call her “Mama Fadwa”.

Several years on Fadwa’s project, Fadwa got excited and more actively encouraged to expand and develop her project for the better, she started doing researches and read things about “small enterprise development”, she found that the main basis of project development is the successful management so fadwa started to take several courses on project management and how to care for and take care children as well as learning computer skills and she recently got a training certificate “TOT” which is a training course for trainers to train others in the field of work.

After insisting on getting better and better, Fadwa wanted to get a license for her kindergarten in a legal way .

So in 2015 she got it and she was so happy for doing this step, then she started to make her own staff by hiring employees to help her.

One day, Fadwa was looking for company that supports women’s projects because she had difficulty in funding to develop her kindergarten, while she was discussing with her employees , one of them told fadwa that she got a loan from Finca microfinance company and this company support woman’s projects

Fadwa went to FINCA company and for the first time she got a loan which was 563$

Were this amount helped her to provide the kindergarten again by purchase a modern equipment for kindergarten.

Fadwa continued to plan and think about innovating and improving her project for the better, In 2016 she went to FINCA for the second time without any hesitation and got a loan 704$ so she can install modern surveillance cameras and computers for the kindergarten, also to purchase a different toys and other, which reflected positively on the kindergarten which provided more children for the nursery and the satisfaction of a large number of parents because of the rest and education programs provided by the staff of kindergarten for children by doing an constantly internal program “Arrange activities and events for children according to age, And allocate a day to them every week to give them a lecture of awareness about different topics and other educational activities distinct and different

In 2018 Fadwa got her third loan wich was 2816$ She praised the service provided by the manager of FINCA and the speed of procedures in giving a loan to help her to think of a good idea for her project is to use her kindergarten for summer activities for a group of age that are more than five years and to make entertainment and culture summer programs.

Fadwa expressed its gratitude to FINCA and did not take it any better

“Persistence has become the basis of my success, and I won’t stop “I am filled with satisfaction with all that I have reached to, this is what Fadwa said. Also she said that she is so proud of herself and of her work and she won’t stop here she will work more and achieve her biggest dream of opening a kindergarten for older age groups.