Opportunity Loan

Do you have a registered business?

Do you need to increase capital and develop your business or purchase new equipment?

Let us provide you with a loan that suits your business needs with declining interest rates!


  • For small business owners

  • Easy procedures

  • Declining interest rates

Payment Methods

  • FINCA Jordan branches from 8:30 AM till 4:30 PM

  • All bank offices

  • EFawateercom

Apply for a loan
962 799000466
Life Insurance Calculation
  • Currency: JD

  • Loan Amount: From 10,001 to 40,000 JD

  • Loan Term: From 10,001 to 40,000 JD up to 60 months

  • Nominal Interest Rate:

    • 10,001 – 20,000 JD – 20 % Annual Declining
    • 20,001 – 40,000 JD “For repeat clients“ – 19 % Annual Declining
  • Application Fees: 1% of the loan (deducted from the total loan amount). Stamp fee and sales tax will also be deducted as per respective calculations

  • Life Insurance Fees: Life insurance fees are calculated at a certain percentage according to the loan amount.

    To Know how calculate life insurance fees please click to the LIFE INSURANCE CALCULATION BOX.

  • Sales tax on interest , fees and charges:

    Interest, fees and all charges are subject to the 3% general sales tax . Also the disbursed loan amount is subject to the duty stamps law.

  • Repayment Frequency: Monthly

  • Required Documents:

    – From the client:

    • Copy of the national ID.
    • Copy of family registration book.
    • Proof of residency.
    • Business registration certification and occupancy permit.
    • Business rental contract for the business.
    • One or two guarantors.

    – From the guarantor:  Proof of income.

    Up to 1 year bank statement is required from the account where post-dated cheques are issued. This could be either from client or guarantor.

  • Effective Interest Rate (EIR):

    • From 24.99 % – 29.06 %
    • From 23.72 % – 27.76 %

    It’s depending on loan duration and amount.

  • Note: Please note that our financial products and services are suitable with special needs people.