We are pleased to announce that FINCA Microfinance Company – Jordan has obtained the global “Client Protection Certificate”.

This certificate was obtained after the company underwent an independent and rigorous review process and after achieving the highest standards in protecting customers and providing the “Responsible Financial Inclusion” rule, the company obtained the highest level, GOLD certificate.

The gold certificate means that FINCA Microfinance – Jordan applies the most rigorous international standards to protect customers. Examples of these standards are providing a product that is compatible with the customer’s need, ensuring that information is provided transparently to the customer, considering the customer’s debt burden, providing services that achieve customer satisfaction, and maintaining confidentiality and providing channels to the customers to submit complaints if they have any.

In this occasion our CEO Mr. Abduqodir Sattorov stated: “Obtaining this certificate for the second time shows our continued dedication to serving our clients in line with our brand values which are: Warmth, Trust and Responsible Banking Serving our clients and protecting them at the top of our priorities and integral part of our identity.”

To serve our customers faster and better, we are working on further developing our processes and transforming our business model towards more standardized, centralized and digitized approaches, which will help our clients to save their valuable time by receiving hassle-free loans and more convenient services from us.

Thus, FINCA Microfinance – Jordan joins the list of subsidiaries owned by “FINCA Impact Finance” that have obtained this certificate in Armenia, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Guatemala, and Malawi. This certificate is considered a global initiative that enhances the principle of transparency, wisdom, and respect in dealing with customers.