From a small Room to a big dream

From a small Room to a big dream

Suha is 42 years old, married and has two children. Each of us face moments of difficult conditions, but the most difficult is how to overcome these difficulties and faced them with a challenge and insistence, after a life requirement increasing, Suha heard a Radio ad where she decided to take a responsibility in her home management and to secure her life’s requirements. So, she knocked the door of FINCA to borrow the amount to implement a small project, which was thinking it a long time.

Suha borrowed from FINCA Jordan $ 700 and in this small amount she bought a sewing machine to enable her to work embroidered clothing inscribed with the heritage of Jordan, in the beginning Suha sold her products to her neighbors, where she was surprised from increment of her financial returns, which doubled in the next month.

The determination and willing was the road of success to Suha

With willing and determination, Suha was able to development of the small project which initiated by one of the rooms in her house, Suha started selling products in many homes of the industry and weaving Handicraft, where she was able to build a solid customer base, also the quality of products and good reputation helped Suha to grow in her business.

From time to time Suha has decided to expand her project through the construction of an external room next to the house and use an independent operator; indeed she began taking the tender uniforms for some school districts.

Through the wise management and hard work, Suha was able to complete the education of children, improve and maintain her home; in addition, she worked to recruit one of her relatives as an assistant in the operator.

Suha participate in many recreational activities for the residents of region, such as Khawla bent Al-Azwar school and Cultural Center, where she worked on the revival of the Jordanian and Palestinian heritage through embroidery clothing. At the local level she received Honor Award from many cultural centers and was among one of the clients who run their names for the Award of Excellence Citigroup.

Suha is looking to the future such as; transport operator to the main street and the development of sewing equipment also hire another employee to increase productivity.

Suha is a loyal client to FINCA for more than three years. We wish her all the best in her business and to accomplish our mission to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.