“There is always a place on the top “

Sha’aban Shahin, 32 year. He lives with his family of four persons. After completing his university studies in agriculture field, Sha’aban started looking for a job in the same field then already started his work in one of the specialized companies in agriculture, but this did not prevent him from persevering to achieve his dream of establishing his own project because he interest with organic agriculture especially without of any chemicals. Sha’aban’s family has agricultural land in KARAMA. In 2013, Sha’aban took a piece of the land owned by his family there and then he applied his idea on the reality ground.

From here, Sha’aban began to achieve his dream step by step.

“WE Farm” was able to vision the light after many experiments and attempts in agriculture, where it managed to grow vegetables and organic fruits without chemicals or pesticides, in addition to cultivating fruit and vegetables are not available in the Kingdom, Sha’aban began of marketing to his project through social media and website.

“There is no project without difficulties and challenges, but what distinguishes a project from the insistence, challenge and the strength of faith in our success”. This is what Sha’aban said, where Sha’aban faced like others who own their projects, especially Financial, psychological and competition difficulties.

Sha’aban’s dream did not stop on the cultivation of the vegetables and fruits organic and then sell them by online, but he thought of developing the project through opening a special shop to sell vegetables and fruits organic. In 2015, Sha’aban did not hesitate to go to FINCA‘s Branch to finance his project and help him then he was needed to amount 7000 dollars. Indeed, FINCA did not hesitate to offer assistance for him to open his own shop in Jabal Al-Weibdeh / Amman. But it was not enough for Sha’aban in sell vegetables and fruits organic, but he also developed his project by introducing natural “juices, ice cream” without using sugar and healthy salads. All these components were made from the land owned by Sha’aban. We Farm’s idea came as a tourist culture and also to attract tourists to the shop.

As the beginning of visits to the shop were by foreign people to experiment with new types of organic vegetables and fruits because these products are not available in the Kingdom, where the culture of vegetables and organic fruits without chemicals and agricultural pesticides was spread in a short period. Therefore, it became the number of Products orders is increasing by visiting the customers to the shop.

Sha’aban was always interest on his shop, he did not stop insisting to develop his shop for the best .So, in 2016, and He has since taken out other loan from FINCA amount 14, 48 dollars and has grown his business into a profitable small shop. He developed his project by preparing natural products without using sugar (Fresh Food and Drink).

Sha’aban would like to Thank FINCA and to her staff, because he sees through FINCA loans the profits of the Shop increased and he was able to hire 6 employees in the Shop, Most of them are ambitious youth. “FINCA is one of the most important supporters for my project and I feel that I am part of her family”.

At the end, Sha’aban promises us that his dream will not stop here. So, he has a lot of ideas for developing organic agriculture.