The ambition has no limits

Maram Al-Saqer says: “The ambition has no limits.”

Maram is a single girl in her twenties, to a certain circumstances; she has been unable to complete her studies, but that it wasn’t an obstacle to her ambition and her love to achieve what you wish.

Since she was a student at the high school, she has a hobby of decoration and design dresses. She then, developed herself by learning from websites and fashion design magazines.

At first Maram worked in one of the clothing stores near her home and that created the challenge of a young girl to work at an early age, where she was at the end of each month saves a certain amount of hers, and with time, Maram decided to open her own fashion dresses shop.

She heard from one of her friends about FINCA micro-finance, Maram went to FINCA Jordan-Zarqa branch to get a loan with a first amount borrowed of $ 2,800, through this amount she was able to hire an independent shop and began to bring in goods from occasional and wedding clothes and dresses.

Although Maram lives with her parents, but she is independent in everything due to her project, also her ambition has no boundaries so through her business, she bought her personal car and her business became the main source for her living.

Maram now runs two shops and she is looking for more as she is considering opening another shop and attract worker to help her.

FINCA helped Maram to open a personal shop where she provides service to her friends, neighbors that’s reflect on her community in a positive aspect through attract employees to work with her.

‘’ I will return again to FINCA for more loans. FINCA is my partner and primary supporter and I am happy in my experience with FINCA as part of achieving my dream. “Said Maram“.