“Desire is the secret of success for each person in his Professional life.”

Issa Al-Yazjeen is 42 years old, married and he is a father for three children. He lives in one of the most beautiful areas at Jordan “AL Salt. Issa was a government employee and then retired from his job, he decided not to depend only on his the retirement salary because it is not enough to cover all needs of family. Issa decided to open a special business in the field of tourism through investing in the area where he lives, which characterized by its picturesque nature.

Knowing that Issa has a bachelor degree in medical laboratories field, but he did not depend on his degree, He says that “A Human should not depend on his scientific qualifications but should be ambitious and look for hope in the future.”

In 2014, Issa was needed of finance to expand his business, through hearing about finance companies from his neighbors especially FINCA loans he did not hesitate to go to FINCA Branch at DeirAlla, he was needed to amount 7047 $ and FINCA did not hesitate to offer assistance for him to expand his own café, it has grown to 200 person instead of 60 person.

Issa is an ambitious person who does not like laziness so he did not stop to complete his success more and more. Therefore, He has taken out other loan from FINCA amount 14,094 $ Because of the ease of procedures and his sense of happiness and respectful reception from FINCA’s Staff which helped him buy more products for his own café and improving part of its standard of living.

Sunset Café is now known for its power of services. He was able to promote the tourist area for local and foreign residents in the region, as well as providing many career opportunities for the region’s residents also offering competitive prices.

In the future, Issa wants to develop his business by create a parking and also Entertainment area for children next to his Café. At the end Issa says: “I would like to thank FINCA and their staff for giving me two chances to take the loan and because it was a part of my happiness to achieve my success and supported me by empowering and developing my work.