A thousand Mile Journey Begins With One Step


Thoughts of establishing a successful business in the area of livestock was always on Ahmad’s mind, until he decided on raising local poultry. This was, according to Ahmad, a humble start consisting of a small group of poultry that he owned and raised inside his farm in the area where he lived, an area considered ideal for farming in the countryside. Ahmad shared his ideas of such a business with his friends and close family members who supported and encouraged him back in 1985.

Ahmad Khreesat, the son of the North Shauna region did not face any difficulties going through with this project for many reasons, mainly because of his strong desire to be self sufficient and to prove himself. This desire made Ahmad think of all the ways that he can use to help him with his business. Driven by the belief that he can find all the help he needs, he delved into the vast wealth of advice and guidance from the farmers and workers in the farming sector who did not hesitate to provide him with constant advice and direction.

After 10 years have passed since the start of the poultry business, Ahmad thought about introducing new products to expand his business, this would include establishing a section for raising cattle.

FINCA Jordan was Ahmad’s choice for support and help. This came about by financing him with an Experience Loan worth $7000. Through this loan he was able to purchase 6 cows to add to his farm.

Ahmad was pleased with his choice of FINCA Jordan. He has no regrets; on the contrary, he aspires to renew his loan from FINCA Jordan in order to buy more cows to begin selling fresh milk and diary.