Agriculture loan is the product for all those wishing to increase their agricultural productivity.

Targeting Clientele

All householders and farmers who has agriculture assets for example : land and/Or animals, etc.

Loan Specifications:

  • Currency of Lending : Jordanian Dinar

  • Minimum Loan Size : 250 JD

  • Maximum Loan Size : 5,000 JD

  • Loan Terms:

    • From JD 250 – JD 2,000 : The maximum term is 12 months
    • From JD 2,001–JD 5,000 : The maximum term is 24 months
  • Repayment Frequency : Monthly

  • Nominal Interest Rate:

    250-2000  40%  Annual Declining

    350- 2000  38% Annual Declining

    2001- 5000 36% Annual Declining

    Note : Interest rate varies depending on the client’s credit history and commitment with monthly installments with FINCA Jordan. Eligibility for better rate will be validated with each renewal and based on the monthly installment commitment.

  • Effective Interest Rate (EIR):

    From 47 %- 51 %

    It’s depending on loan duration and amount.

  • Note: Please note that our financial products and services are suitable with special needs people.

  • Note: Non-Jordanians can now apply any of our financial products

Documentation, Required from Client and / or guarantor:

  • For groups:

    • Solidarity group guarantee, same or different loan amount for group members.
  • For loans from JD 250 to JD 2,000:

    • One Guarantor; guarantor should have own business or other source of income which is enough to service the customer’s loan (Loan Officer will visit and check guarantors business)
  • For loans from JD 2,001 to JD 5,000:

    • Two Guarantors where one of them has to have a fixed salary income, preferably from public sector.
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Payment methods:

The client can pay on our branches from 8:30 am – 4:15 pm or in any branch of our partner banks