As a part of corporate social responsibility and in conjunction with the start of the new academic year FINCA Jordan for microfinance organized a voluntary initiative in one of the schools in the area North-Shouna, where FINCA Jordan conducted the full maintenance in Shouna school for boys through installation new fans for all classes room, including approximately 12 a classroom , maintenance of lighting and installing water tank, in addition to paint educational boards ,installation banners of educational, guidelines and awareness urges students to maintain the cleanliness of the school and also to create a safe and clean learning environment for School Students.

It is mentioned that there will be a series of social initiatives will be apply in all areas of the branches that are covered by the company, where the next initiative will be in Sahab Region of the Capital governorate, especially that FINCA Jordan dependent within its annual plans social responsibility as a main target for the company to enhance the role of FINCA Jordan in community service, in addition to the importance of microfinance sector role in the advancement of some sectors and services in Jordan.